Top ten of 2016

I created this blog some time ago because I wanted to keep a better record of what I’ve read and what I thought of what I read. Obviously, I utterly failed in this task. But now it’s a New Year, which, of course, means new beginnings and a complete and permanent change in habits.

To start off, here’s my top ten from 2016. I was disappointed with the amount I read overall, but I’m trying not to be harsh on myself for this. It was a difficult year, personally and politically. I enjoyed all of the books I read in some way; but I also found that it was a slog to get through many of them. I’m still not sure if this was because of the books themselves, or to do with me, or a bit of both, or because I am just a much slower reader these days. Anyway. The top ten. (I didn’t find any of these a slog.) (I’ve also got a page with my top tens from previous years in the menu at the top of the page. See, I have done something with this blog!)

  1. Max Porter – Grief is the Thing with Feathers
  2. Rainbow Rowell – Fangirl
  3. Alessandro Baricco – Silk
  4. Geoff Dyer – Out of Sheer Rage: Wrestling with D.H. Lawrence
  5. Kat Banyard – The Equality Illusion
  6. Margaret Atwood – Hag-Seed
  7. Jenny Diski – Skating to Antarctica
  8. Han Kang – The Vegetarian
  9. Ali Smith – How to Be Both
  10. Tove Jansson – A Winter Book

So, there we go. Here’s to 2017, and lots more reading and writing.