60 Books

I feel like I’ve been in a reading slump for a long time. It seems to take me much longer to finish books these days. I’m not sure why this is, and I don’t particularly want to dwell on it much.

Instead, I’m setting myself a big goal. I want to read 60 books next year. By writing it here, it cements this commitment, rather than it being a vague pondering in my mind. I’ve just decided that I’d also like to post about every book, even if it’s just a few words. Hopefully this will breathe some much-needed life into this blog, and into my reading.

I would say that such a big goal, having read only half of this amount for the past few years, is daunting. Well, it is daunting. But maybe it’ll also be fun! And anyway, I recently got a new bookcase and spent a very happy hour or so reorganising my books, which involved a lot of stroking of covers, gazing in wonderment as if I’d just met up with a treasured long-lost friend, and gaining a lot of pleasure from seeing forgotten about, crammed-into-any-old-gap books displayed properly, in a standing-up position and everything.

So, yes. 60 books. Here we go. Well, not till January. Still got a few weeks yet. Phew. Can continue to binge-watch 90s sitcoms and whatever else it is I do that wastes so much precious reading time.

And I might even post a few words about books I’ve been reading before then. You never know. Miracles do happen.


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